Rozdale Designs was founded in response to an experience with a healer who wore a large piece of amethyst on a cord around his neck. The healer placed his hands above my wife Roz's shoulders and she felt a warm vibration which brought comfort and healing to her injured back. The healer attributed his abilities to the Great Creator and explained that he believed the mineral content of the semi-precious stone he wore, amplified his special gift for healing. When told of my lifelong interest in stones and crystals, he suggested that I earnestly pursue my interest. He said he had a feeling that the next time we met I would have many gemstones of my own. The man was never seen again but I took his advice and that is how our company was founded. In July of 1996 we put our Angel jewelry on the World Wide Web in the hopes all would enjoy their beauty and perhaps comment on them. Rozdale jewelry has since appeared on the T.V. show "Friends" and other syndicated shows. The importance of "stones" in my life has grown through the years and is founded largely on the many friendships we have made through our gemstone pendants which we call

Ultimate Angels and Power Pieces

Since I began wirewrapping, I've held in my hands thousands of gemstones of many varieties and I've learned to sense the differing energy levels from them. I've also developed the ability to relate certain stones with certain types of people. I never cease to be amazed when people pick for themselves the very angel I myself would have chosen for them. I have learned to regard each of my angel pendants as a miniature "packet of energy" destined for the person who now posesses it. Before my dear Mother passed away, she related to me a story that I'll always remember. She said that one day while pushing me down the street in a baby carraige, she was stopped by an elderly lady who lifted my hand in hers and told my mother "someday these hands will do great things". My mother always hoped that this would come true. It is therefore in my mother's memory that I make the beautiful Angels, with the talent given to me by the Creator, to make her wish come true. I design all of my Angel amulets with focused spiritual intent, asking that they be filled with blessings of healing, calming and protection for the wearer. It is my sincere wish that they may amplify the positive attributes of the wearer and that they might bring joy and happiness to those who see them.

Sincerely...Dale Lee